The good news is I am more than halfway into the second book, Juvenile Pirates, and for those that have already read, Juvenile Sailors, which are a few, then I apologise for the long delay. Unfortunately life has got in the way and when you work five and a half days a week, maintain fifteen and a half acres and try and write then something has to give. I am now retired and have set time aside to write, come hell or high water, so luck permitting the next book should be out within the next twelve months.

For those who haven’t read, Juvenile Sailors, check out the book via the menu and you can purchase it there if you so desire.

On another note the long term plan was that there was going to be three books, a trilogy, with the third one based in the USA on the events leading up to the American fight for independence. I’m thinking of calling that one, Juvenile Privateers.

Some of you might relate to the fact that once I had started to write the first one it seemed to take on a life or its own. When my intention to write only one book turned into at this stage three. Will it end there? Buggered if I know because the first book turned into two, the second book turned into three and who knows what will happen when I start the third.

The USS Constitution, oldest commissioned warship in the world, at dawn
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