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The book, Juvenile Sailors, is a 344 page fictional story based around Australian historical facts. Pretty much everything that happens in the book happened at one time or another in our early history, just not all at the same time. Some dates of events have been changed to fit in with the story timeline so for those who can pick the discrepancies out, good for you, for knowing your Australian history.

Jimmy Cole is an orphan in Port Jackson in 1803. Along with his two brothers he sees it as his duty to help the other orphans of the colony, when he can, because nobody else cares.

Major Ambrose, the cruel Corps Commander, clashes with Jimmy. Just when things get too much for the 15 year old kindly Commodore Kincad makes an offer to the juveniles to join his training ship and learn how to become sailors. Things are looking up for the orphans until an old adversary of Kincad’s turns up at Port Jackson as the Captain of the Navy’s latest revolutionary frigate, the H.M. Evolution.

The Evolution’s Captain Foley hatches a plan with Major Ambrose to discredit Kincad and the ophans are caught in the middle. Two distinguished careers are put in jeopardy, the juvenile sailors are put to the test, the whole colony is embroiled in treason and the H.M. Evolution is stolen from right under the Royal Navy’s nose.

“Young readers of Juvenile Sailors will probably live some of their fantasies for freedom and rebellion through the young heroes of the book” – Graeme Andrews – Books Afloat.


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